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What is Modern Computer Application?

Modern computer application is a good subject in class xi and class xii in WBCHSE , west bengal board.

In modern computer applications , students can learn computers from basic to intermediate level. Not only do they get a good score in this subject they can also learn the computer which will make them computer literate.

According to the West Bengal council of higher secondary education board all students of any stream can choose modern computer application as a subject.


If any students in science stream want to choose modern computer science as a subject , they can choose modern computer science as a subject.

There are some differences between modern computer application and modern computer science. In modern computer science, the Language portion is there. Science students can learn the C language which will be a key factor in their future. Because in engineering in each stream there is a portion of computer in their syllabus and language is common in all trades in engineering.

Arts and Commerce students also make their career as a computer profession after HS if they have modern computer application as a subject. 

Not only BCA and MCA they can choose their career as a digital marketing professional if they want , in digital marketing there is huge career potential in near future in India.

You’re reading up to this point and thinking why we should take modern computer application as a subject in class XI and XII? 

Suppose you are taking a generic subject in class XI and XII then you will have to get a good score in the exam and then only you can get Honours in a particular subject.

Fine I agree with you that you are doing honours any subject and then you will have to do a Master degree of that subject and then B.Ed also.

After that again you will have to face a bunch of competition to get a respectful job but this percentage is very less. 

But most of you then express eagerness to learn computers to get a minimum job.

Think you already spent 5 to six year in this manner finally you agree that if I taken Modern computer application or Modern Computer Science in my class XI and XII , in this time I can spend in advance course which will boost my career.

So my suggestion is that please don’t ignore reality always think about what is happening in the future, not today’s learning.

Most of the students are suffering due to lack of thinking. If you think properly it will be very easy to boost your future easily.

After reading upto this point you are thinking and you can say hey Prakash but I want to do higher studies first , Can Modern computer application or Modern Computer Science help me to do that?

My answer is yes…. You can do higher studies also if your one core subject in HS is Modern computer application or Modern computer science.

Here is my answer…

If any students have keen interest in computers and if you have one subject in HS is Modern computer application  they can choose their career in their graduate level as BCA and then they can do MCA.

Nowadays Digital marketing is growing enormously so if you have knowledge in computers from your school level they can easily make a bright future in digital marketing.

Scope on digital marketing.

  1. Blogging Career.

  2. Facebook and Google ad Manager

  3. Affiliate marketing.

  4. SEO expert

  5. Website designer.

  6. Video marketing expert

  7. Youtuber

  8. Freelance job.

  9. Content Writer

  10. Copywriter

  11. E-commerce Business 

And many more opportunities open , they can easily adopt any one of them.

You know Govt. service exam competition is very high and chances are less than your effort but nowadays everything is going on digital and post COVID-19 everyone will be agree that the work from home is increased.


  •  In West Bengal there is a problem which every student of Bengali Medium is facing.
  • I know that your common question is that we are not getting proper guidance if I have Modern Computer Application or Modern Computer science as a subject.

I know your problem but remember every problem has a solution.

Your problem is that you are not getting proper guidance from any body.

You will agree that you are taking Modern computer application or Modern Computer science as a subject in HS and when you are taking admission to any institute for the subject most of the institute guiding you for the practical lesson , they are providing some notes but it is totally in English and it is not related to the syllabus.

Then in exam time you are facing problems due to the proper guidance and don’t score good marks in this subject.

But frankly speaking it is a very easy and scoring subject. I can help to solve your problem.

I am teaching in this subject for the last 22 years and every year students are doing good result without much effort.

Did you know why?

It is already proven that the system that I teach and it is called a result oriented system and it is true that the system can’t fail.

I will provide you Modern computer application Bengali notes for XI and XII  and it is not just like a book which can be overloaded or overwhelmed.

I will provide you chapter wise concise broad questions and suggested MCQ and SAQ questions so that you can grab it very easily..

I will also provide all the answers to the point so that you can practice it more time to give the answer to your answer sheet perfectly.

You can choose our course from anywhere from west Bengal. I will provide all the facilities regarding these subjects.

If you are taking an online course from me you will get 2 days every week doubt clearing sessions through Zoom Class.

Before your examination I will provide Modern computer application suggestion in pdf format in 2020.

My goal is every student can get more than 90%+ marks in Modern computer Application subject or Modern computer Science subject.

Apart from Bengali notes in Modern computer application subjects I can also provide the same notes in English for those who have English version.

So , feel free to contact me for further details , first of all I will send you Modern Computer application notes in Bengali absolutely free of cost.

I hope now your problem will be solved and reach your goal , I am always with you.

You can read the book Modern computer application written by Dr. Ashim Ghosh by Santra Publication.

You can read the book Modern computer application written by Sanmay Kundu.

You can read the book Modern computer application written by Kumud Ranjan Pal.


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